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A podcast focusing on issues relevant to Korea. Topics include politics, social issues, sports, culture and more. A combination of random deep dives into interesting issues, guest interviews with experts, and in-depth explorations of recent Korean history, news-makers and off-the-beaten track current events.
시사영어방송 팟케스트입니다. 전 TBS eFM 진행자 헨리 신 와 국내 정치, 사회, 경제, 스포츠 등 다양한 이슈를 영어로 전달 드립니다.

Apr 30, 2018

The entire Cho family that owns Korean Air is in some legal hot water including 조현민, 조현아, mom 이명희 and even dad chairman 조양호

The LKP will not let the 드루킹/김경수 issue die. Doubling down on special counsel demand.

LKP's election campaign slogan is "나라를 통째로...

Apr 29, 2018

Lots of punditry already from international/western media. Focus on the domestic reaction.

Recap of highlights:
- 김정은 inviting 문재인 to briefly step across the border
- General cordial atmosphere. 김정은 using honorific to the much older 문재인
- Wives also had good chemistry despite age difference.

Apr 27, 2018

KBO- Young closers doing well. Overlooked Sosa of LG Twins, the best foreign pitcher. SK-Doosan battle. 함덕주 being overworked?? Teams bunched up. Even Samsung just a few games out of playoff contention. Lotte finally out of the cellar.

LPGA- Inbee Park world #1 again despite losing in the final round.


Apr 26, 2018

South and North Korea meet for the 3rd time! What to expect:

Meticulous to-the-second planning for all the logistics of the summit.
- from the cameras, staging, seating, menu a careful eye placed on optics and symbolism. one funny side note: Japan is pissed about a Dokdo-shaped dessert. Some expert trolling by the Blue...

Apr 23, 2018

1) The 야당(opposition) looks hell bent on getting a 특검 (special counsel) probe on the 드루킹 affair. Media feeding frenzy on Druking, his group 경공모, and lawmaker 김경수. After much consternation, Kim is deciding to run for 경남 governor in the June elections. He apparently was set to drop out, not...